I Want to be a Beta Tester!

Thank you for watching my first YouTube video. You may notice that the date on that video April 2010, over a year ago. The beta testing is complete. The app is available in the app store. The hardware is available from the Where to Buy page.

I Plugged Everything in and Nothing Works!

Bring the audio volume all the way up. If the volume is too low, the module literally can’t hear you.

What if I get a phone call while I’m flying?

This is what Airplane mode is for. This is a special mode that Apple builds into iPhone for flying R/C models… If you don’t use it, incoming calls shoot you down.

Does it work with iPhone 4? 3GS? Original iPhone?

iPhly works on all models of iPhone.

I have an old iPhone 2G gathering dust. It has no SIM card. Can I use it?

Yes. iPhly does not require cellular connectivity. If you recycle your old iPhone into an R/C transmitter, you make me a happier man.

Does it work with iPod touch?

iPhly works on all models of iPod Touch. An iPod touch is an iPhone that is permanently in airplane mode.

But the Touch has the audio jack on the bottom?

The app automatically detects that it is running on a touch and flips the interface upside down. When you insert your iPod into the iPhly case, the Home button faces up.

Does it work with iPad?

iPhly runs on an iPad, but I recommend against it. iPad is a larger device. You pretty much have to use both hands to hold it with any precision. The iPhly interfaces favors single-hand operation.

Do you have an Android version?

Not at the moment. If you are an Android programmer and understand how to contol low-level audio output on it, I encourage you to port the code.

I’ve never flown an R/C airplane but I betcha your interface is more intuitive than the old-fashioned sticks.

It’s hard for me to say. I have many years of experience with stick radios. To me, both are about equally intuitive. I do observe that novice pilots have an easier time mapping tilt gestures to aircraft control. It’s like holding a model of the model in your hand and saying, “and now I want to roll left.”

Do you have a version for JR-style modules?

If the current version sells well, and I sense sufficient demand for JR-style receptacle, I can make one. The electronics are almost the same, but I need to make a new injection mold.