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The coolest thing I saw at the [Toledo R/C] show this year!
– Debra Cleghorn, executive editor, Model Airplane News
This is awesome! I’ve signed up for one.
– Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief, Wired Magazine
Bloody hell! Another thing to buy… :)
– Max
Brilliant solution. I had never even considered using a standard TX/RX and interfacing to them directly
– Gerry Lichter
Totally cool project!!
I have android and I don’t imagine myself owning an iphone in the foreseeable future.
The effort & creativity in projects such as these deserve support. So I’ve signed up for $150.
I think I may give it to an iphone use’n buddy or donate it for one of the draws at my R/C club. On condition that I get to try it out from time to time.
Maybe it’ll force me to get an iphone and keep it if I can’t come to terms with “iphone-R/C-cool-stuff” ENVY. :)
– Chris Card
[T]he president of our local AMA R/C flying club [has] unfortunately suffered a stroke recently and will probably not ever have much use of his left arm. We here have been particularly sad about that because he’s been building and flying wonderful models since the 1930s. Well, I realized that what with iPhly being a one-hand controller, maybe he’s not done flying yet!
– Oliver Seeler
“Another iPhone hardware/software item I think is simply too cool to avoid mentioning.”
– Michael Weidler

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