Product Information

iPhly: Radio Control from your iPhone

iPhly turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into an R/C transmitter.

YouTube Link (works in iOS)

You can use one transmitter for all your models. Even low-end iPhones come with 8Gb of storage. I find it humorous that in 2011 some transmitters cost hunderds of dollars and come with only Kilobytes! Some of them limit you to 20 or 30 models.

iPhly lets you store thousands of models (including mutiple variants of the same model for testing settings). You can use the integral camera on iPhone to photograph your models and store the pictures as part of the model profile. You can use the on-screen keyboard to give your models long, desriptive names. No more scrolling through the entire alphabet to pick out letters on a 7-segment display. iPhly lets you use your iPhone’s beautiful, high-resolution, full-color touch screen for configuring your models.

Here’s anoter, older video that shows an engineering prototype.

YouTube Link (works in iOS)