Where to Buy


  • Our partner RC4WD.com is offering iPhly through their retail website:
    • iPhly standalone is just the transmitter and requires a TX module.
    • TX/RX combo includes iPhly, a FrSky 2.4GHz TX module and a matching 8-channel receiver.

    If you have questions about your order though RC4WD, or need a tracking number, you can contact them at shipping@rc4wd.com.

  • Robotshop.com is offering the standalone iPhly transmitter with shipping from three worldwide locations.
  • A Main Hobbies ships from California.

Thank You Kickstarter Backers!

The Kickstarter.com project is a resounding success. I am busy fulfilling my obligations to my backers. The first deliveries are going out this week (May 11th).

Kickstarter pledges from these individuals give me the means and the confidence to bring iPhly to market:

David Siren Eisner, Wojciech Lazarski, Brett Grossman, Marek Mitkiewicz, Ross Randrup, DFectuoso, Chris, Tyler Neylon, Matthew Palmer, John Hopper, Brian Wong, Kate Compton, Ryan Joseph, Mark, Chris Anderson, Leonardo Lisboa, Aaron Dong, Sergio Casadei, Peter Numberi, Chris Card, David Urrutia, Todd Graham, Ryan Fraser, Ron Williams, Jeffrey Yim, Hannes Stiebitzhofer, Shaunak Khire, Keith Collins, Yousef Ourabi, Philippe Jeudy, Atley, Bryan Dana, Xavier, William Saturno, Kevin R. Charles, Chris McNair, Bob Prescott, Thoo Meng Thian, Mike McCollum, Tony Finn, Grubi, Björn Geir Leifsson, Ido Carmel, Juan Soler, Cesar Harada, Oliver Seeler, Juantomás García, Bernard Mosley, Andrew Bennett, Thorsten Kalkbrenner , Juergen Schulte, Trulee Karahashi, Malte Mueller-Egloff, David Guy, Adam Gibson, Vincent, Bruce Contryman, John, Ryan Buyssens, Andrew Lawrence, Kenta Hood, Max Jerkic, Stephan Henning, wahjudi, Richard Ophof, Gareth Plummer, Simon Jardine, dave vaillancourt, Bryan Galusha, Rick Chen, Josh Sosnin, Chris Kopp, Hutton Oddy, Dox Doxiadis, Neil Lumagui, Bill Albrant, Guilherme Cadavez, Joshua Dodds, John F. Seredynski, Brendan King, Corey Barberie, R Bohn, chris, Daniel Catteau, Jason, Dan Pham, Ryan C. Smith, Soochon Radee, Dustin Dettmer, Yuan-Chien Tsai, RossN, Nick Lucking, Rick Taylor, Phil cleaver, Elise Dixon, Wyatt Sadler, Mark Rotton, Brian Flaherty, Egbert Gerryts, Renaud Moustache & Kristy and Leander Harding